Ontario Land Surveyors

The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors aols_member(AOLS)

The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors was established in 1892. It is a self- governing association, responsible for the licensing and governance of professional land surveyors, in accordance with the Surveyors Act. As with all self-governing professions, the AOLS has a responsibility to ensure that the public interest is paramount. Section 2(2) of the Surveyors Act states: “The principal object of the Association is to regulate the practice of professional land surveying and to govern its members and holders of certificates of authorization in accordance with this Act, the regulations and the by-laws in order that the public interest may be served and protected.”

The AOLS is governed by a Council, comprised of nine Ontario Land Surveyors elected by the membership, the Surveyor General of Ontario, and three appointees, or lay members, who are not surveyors. It does not include members of the AOLS staff. The lay members are representatives of the public, appointed by the government to help ensure that the public interest is protected. Council holds regular meetings in February, April, July, September and November, with other meetings scheduled as required to deal with urgent matters.